Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Join us at SocialSpark Network

I just signed up for SocialSpark. It is a new site from IZEA. Here is my profile. I only have a few friend so far, I need to find a few more. SocialSpark is an amazing new concept that combines the world of social sites with media marketing and blogging. It is an entire network designed to provide a place for advertisers to create media campaigns utilizing blogs and bloggers that fit the message they want to convey. That makes it a social site that pays real money.

First, looking around the site it is a bit confusing with so many new tabs, menu's and list but after surfing for a few minutes (and turning off my adblocker on firefox) I started to see some familiarity with other social networking sites on this site is based around blogs. You can not only see your friends but you see all the statistics about that persons blogs, take this one for example. You not only see who your friends are but you can see who is reading their blogs. This allows you to create communities with SocialSpark based on the kind of people that read your blogs. That just blows my mind. I cannot wait to dive in more to find friends that share the same audience as myself. Just think how much more to be have advertisers that want to reach my readers to chose me to post for them on my blog. I feel like I have only scratched the surface of SocialSpark. It will revolutionize the way I blog and make blogging profitable.

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