Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Shopping Spree

Wow! I Can't believe I was out all day shopping. No wonder I didn't think about workout in the gym anymore. Well, I just wanted to fill more stuff in my boxes to send home. I'm pretty sure were gonna have 4-5 boxes to send next month.
Anyway, can you believe this I got so many diet coke for myself!
hmm ...I've been drinking every meal I know its not good for my health but I get addicted already!
My youngest brother has been so close to my heart. He got married last year without my presence. When I saw this Converse Red Jacket he was the first to come to mind. So I bought this for him-:)
My papa has been bugging me lately about buying him some Nike Shoes to put in my boxes to send home. However, here's what I got for him today 2 pairs of Denim Jeans hahaha.. I will buy some shoes for sure when I go shopping next time-:) Just hard to think to buy stuff all at the same time while thinking so many names lol!
Another stuff for my nieces and nephews would love to wear. Sunglasses, Goggles and Polo Shirts.

Not but not least here's what I got for myself-:) Of course when I go shopping first, I think about myself and my Babe Dako. I forgot! I got some boxers for him today he took it to our room already so I missed taking some pics of it.
I thought this pair of sandal would be nice to wear this summer. Even I just bought another pairs last week. I just love the style of it really looks pretty on my feet when I wear them. Not to mention I had sooooo many shoes when I wore them few times I not seems to wear them again and I keep buying more. I also bought 2 pieces of Leather belts. Btw, I really love to put on belts when I wear jeans.


  1. Hello my dear, doing my rounds here and to say hi, have a great weekend! dri nalang ko leave ug msg kay wla man kay tag board dri pa.

  2. Hi Sis, ang dami naman yan. have a nice day

  3. i'm doing the same thing right now. i'm filling up another box for philippines.


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