Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edutexlink the best links on the web

We all know one of the best ways to get eyeballs to your website is to have Google and other search engines recognize your website or web page with a high rank. You can buy text links to increase your page rank but links from other sites are just .com links and they are not the best value for your dollar spent.

As we know the better quality or relevant the site that links to your website the higher your rank becomes. So trying to get an advertising campaign rolling with just a normal link site will not as valuable links since those links are usually from site with low page rank themselves. Though any link is better than no link, why settle for a low ranking link site to build your links especially when there is a new alternative in town. One quirk in the system is the value of edu links. Since there are fewer .edu websites if you get a link from an .edu website it will give your website Google or other search engines instantly recognize that as a high ranking link, merely because it comes from a .edu website. The reason is .edu sites must be from an educational institution and typically those sites have been around for a decade so they have many well established links all over the world giving them high Page ranks. So naturally an .edu site stands out in the crowd, the same as .gov site.

So if you are going to buy links then you want to get them from edu link. They have a whole range of .edu site that they can post a link to your site and instantly raise your page rank just from the fact that it is an .edu site. It is an amazing but true concept. Edutexlink is the first link building website built on .edu domains. If you want to add high quality links today check them out!

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