Monday, May 19, 2008

Do your part for the environment

Do you feel guilty for all the plastic grocery bags you bring home every time you go to the store? How many thousands of bags have you contributed to the local land fill? Now it is time to do something about it. Go to Cozy Homewares and get one of their reusable grocery bags. They have a brand new line of bags. You can select either a sturdy canvas bag or try a cotton mesh bag. They all come with sturdy handles to hold all the groceries you bring home. It is time for you to do your part for the environment, buy a reusable grocery bag from Cozy Homewares today.


  1. hi, just hoppin here today, have a great day

  2. passing by here...

  3. Hello, its visiting time, have a lovely day! take good care

    Nope, no guilt at all, becasue i carry a sack everytime i go shopping for groceries..envi friend, thats me


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