Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cyclone Hits Myanmar 40% Dead are Children

Reading the Philippine Inquirer head lines today makes me sad. You have seen on the news about the devastated storm hits in Myanmar which is 40% of dead are children.. Oh God help them! I pray those children who have died will rest in peace and those who have survive must thank and praise GOD for the gift of life. Read More...
It is a shame the Government does not allow other countries to lend assistance. So many more will suffer and some will even die because the Military Dictatorship will not allow particularly the United States to help them.


  1. Hi Sis thanks for dropping by yesterday. I'm not busy at my oofice right now so i'm doin' my first round visit hehehe. Have a good one

  2. Hay Dezz...

    It is indeed very disheartening to see such news. I try not to read much about it or I'll end up crying...especially when there are children involve.

    Anyway, just doing some hopping. I hope you're doing ok...



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