Friday, May 16, 2008

China: Death toll predicted to reach 50,000

It is very heart breaking news as the death toll in the devastating quake in China was officially predicted to reach 50,000 people. Oh good Lord! I pray for those victims will rest in peace.


  1. Hi Dezz...

    Musta na? Kalungkot yung sa China noh? I just read that time is running out for the survivors. This reminds of both the Philippine quake in the 1990s and the one in Taiwan in 1998. I was there so it's something I would always remember. All we can do for the Chinese people who are affected is to pray for them.


  2. hello Dezz, daan lang po...ayaw ko nang makita nag China after quake disaster, napa iyak na ako sa takot at awa sa mga tao, lalo na sa mga bata na natabunan. sus ang skait ang aking dibdib.

  3. Luoya sa mga tawo oi. Datu lagi ang CHina pero grabeng damage sa ila ron. Hay na lng!

    Happy weekend sis!

    tasteful voyage
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  4. it breaks your heart to see people crying waiting for the outcome if their relatives or loved ones are still alive or not.


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