Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amazing Christian Cruise

Good news to those who loves to hear the gospel and experience the great adventure of sailing in ships. Because Living Passages were having a tour this summer (July). It is a Christian Cruise
which you will experience the amazing Christian discovery tour, visit the most beautiful Island in the world and of course you will enjoy the Gospel Teaching. By the way, what is Living Passages? It is a nonprofit organization who concentrates in God's centered projects and events. So the events are either conferences on board privately chartered cruise ships or events that provide soft adventure and missions services to God's people or Christians around the world. They also partner with organizations to help them attain their own needs and goal. If you are one who loves to tour around the world and loves to ride ships join Christian Cruise. They will sail Paul's Mediterranean on a luxury, 4-masted tall ship. You'll surely enjoy riding on Christian Cruise because it is an authentic sailing vessel which you can find everything you need with all the activities and amenities found on their private yacht that gives you the greatest enjoyment while on board with a Bible teaching and on shore teaching including the amphitheatre where the Apostle Paul Spoke. Don't ever miss this once in a lifetime opportunity from Living Passages. It is a Christian Family Cruise with the highlighted events and top Bible Speakers on board to teach the amazing word of God plus, a Star Clipper Luxury Cruise. You can also join the B.A.S.E. family and Bob Cornuke at the end of the cruise in Malta to meet the diver's who will assist in locating the anchors from Paul's shipwreck site. It is very exciting isn't?
They also have the Bible Land ChristianCruises which you will never regret if you join them because you will encounter many believers of God, great and friendly people. They were the most outstanding organization with the most Christian large groups giving you the best service you need. Well, you not only experience those things from them, but the most exciting part is you will see different interesting places around the world, most beautiful Islands around the globe most of all, you will gained new spiritual insights that will guide your path to renew your communication and relationship with God. So if you want to join on the authentic sailing adventure on July 19-26, 2008, check them out today at http://www.livingpassages.org for further information. They will depart from the USA.

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