Saturday, April 12, 2008

Souvenirs for Gigi and Marlet

When I left Singapore a year ago I brought so many souvenirs with me. I never thought I keep them in my closet for a year or so. When I cleaned up my closet the other day oh my gossh! I just realized I don't need those anymore and it was all brand new some were my personal belongings I thought I don't need or never use them. I could not believe myself bringing all this stuff here from Singapore now, this will end up sending them back home to fill in my balikbayan box.
While going through all the stuffed the 3 new scarf caught my attention to better give it away. First in my mind was give to Sis Marlet without her I didn't know that blogging is such a fun thing to do, she introduced me the world of blogging which I am getting hooked up with and Ate Gigi for such a sweet friend, she constantly called me since we've met in blogosphere . They were my online friends who are always there without their support, encouragement and being a good friend this blog will not be in existence.
Yesterday, when I came online it was happened Ate Gi was online too I didn't hesitant to tell her that I have something for you and I will send them out tomorrow I still have to consult sis Marlet if she likes my simple souvenir for her. At that moment, while chatting with her, I left sis Marlet an offline message I make sure I know her address and ask her if she likes scarf coz first thing I do in the morning go to the post office to send out my best friend's gift, ate Gi' and sis Mar scarf's . I didn't hear from sis Marlet before I leave to the post office her offline messages showed up when I got home from the post office. Unfortunately, I was not able to send hers but thanks I have all your info now will send out yours on Monday after work.

To sis Marlet and Ate Gi, hope you two like my heartily given souvenirs. Just wanna give my appreciation for being so supportive, kindness, and always there as a good friend. I owe both of you a lot, I really do!
If you read one of my previous post. "My principle is its better to give than to receive". I am one who is so generous lol, it is been proven! I've been helping a lot of kids and people in our place in the Phils. and my family. I just love to give that's it! Feels really good when I share something to others, its my happiness! God Loveth a cheerful giver hehh.. I am giving with my heart's smile, happiness and full of gratitude from GOD for giving me this beautiful gift of life, continues blessings and more.

For Ate GiGi- Jagif's Humble Home of Ours

For sis Marlet- PinaySmile's Jouney


  1. Hi sis, thank u very much for ur early b-day gift from u. ha ha ha. Gosh! perfect color PINKKKKKK I love pink so much. Once again, thanks you so much and more blessing to come.

  2. Thank you so much dezz you are so kind and generous. God will repay you for the countless blessings and graces. You have a gold heart.... thank you and more power to you.


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