Saturday, April 05, 2008

Remember, Reminisce, Sister Forever

While I'm sitting here I am thinking about my sister who is now living in Korea with her two little girls and Korean husband. I think about the good moments we have shared together while were still both in our parents hands. She's my best sister in the world. She was also one of my best friend. We grew up together, shared our heart aches and pains, shared our sacrifices and even our bed together, we shared EVERYTHING! Then, fortunately she found her right man, her perfect mate, so she left me. Since then, we have drifted apart as she became part of her new family in Korea. That was 7 years ago and its been a long time but I still feel this wonderful thrill when I get a message from her and when we chat on YM. I have felt so much has happened over the years, there are times we argued over the net and there are times I feel upset with her. There are other times she gets mad at me but no matter what, she is still my best sister. Even if we are apart. The day she left to be with her husband was the worst day of my life. Knowing that it was the end of us sharing moments together. I was so sad to see her go at that time, but I knew no matter what we cannot grow up together forever. I knew we both would have our own life, family and future. The last time I saw her was 2 years ago when she came home from Korea with her first baby and husband, I came home at the same time from Singapore. That was the best reunion we have ever had. We're able to spent time together with our family, our nieces and nephews and her family. I was still communicating with my Bf at that time, he is my Babe Dako now heh.. Were still looking forward to have another reunion in September if God's will. Btw, I am very excited to see her family again esp her kids. I also can not wait for her to meet my Babe Dako in person. So you can see, I really missed her and her 2 little girls. I am happy and adore the fact that we both grown up so much. She has a great husband and it makes me so happy for her esp. to see her 2 little girls on the web cam. To see her makes me so proud. She has a great family in Korea. Her in-laws are very supportive and they all love her and the kids. She and her husband love each other very much but I must admit I envy her 2 kids. They were both very cute and so adorable. Every time I see them on cam I love to stare at them all day, I never get enough. Heh.. sometimes I wish I have my own but my Babe Dako is enough of a baby to take care of! I am so glad she has a happy family w/ 2 little girls and she found someone worthy of her who treats her with respect, love, and the admiration that she deserves.

I love my sister.. She is someone who has a good heart, and a sharp mind. These are just a few of the reasons why I am proud to have her as my sister.

To my dearest sister. What more I can say? You're an amazing sister, you're my sister I greatly admire and cherish forever you're my best sis in the world. Will see you all in September.


  1. A sister is someone
    who's been where you've been,
    who knows you
    and what you're about...
    Someone you know
    you can call if you need to
    when something's
    just not working out.

    A sister is someone
    who's more than just family ~
    her friendship is one of a kind...
    And the closeness you've shared
    through life's laughter and tears
    is the deepest
    that you'll ever find.

    I'm lucky to have a sister like you...
    I wouldn't trade our special relationship
    for anything in the world.
    Nothing is more comfortable
    or more reassuring than knowing
    that you're always there.
    And you make life so enjoyable
    just by being yourself.
    You've always been the best kind of sister.

    I just thought I'd say "thanks".

    We love and mizzed you so much..

    Alwayz take care of your self with

    DAKU and stay in touch:x..

    HYU and HUEN

  2. Pagkacute jud sa imo mga pamangkin sis!

  3. Now i wish i have a sister like you.

    Have a good day.

  4. bitaw sis Lar oi, selos gani ko-:(


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