Friday, April 11, 2008

Prayer for Married Couple

A Novena Prayer to St. Joseph

Man of God , St.Joseph, Faithful Son of the Father, Wise guardian of the word made flesh,Obedient servant of the Holy Spirit; be to me a Father and a friend.Watchful protector of the Church, teach me to reverence Jesus the Bread of life. and to love him in every crushed grain of humanity, from which his body is made. Chaste husband of the imaculate Virgin, help me to honor Mary with pure and innocent mind, courageous chastity of body and constant reflection on the mysteries of her son. Gentle father of the holy Family, be mindful of my needs and those of my family, Gather us in prayer each day with Jesus and Mary.

[Pause for silent reflection and prayer]

Guard me from the evil of this times, from the worship of riches, from the destructive pursuit of pleasure, and from the pride that blinds me to the perfect law of Christ. Show me how to live and work in the presence of Jesus all the days of my life and to come to him at the end, in a death as peaceful and happy as your own. Amen.

Thank you ate Gi for sharing this prayer. May God bless you and your hubby!

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