Friday, April 11, 2008

Planning a Trip to Las Vegas

Spring is around the corner my husband and I is planning to have a vacation in Las Vegas this spring. I read and heard so many things about Las Vegas from my friends that in Las Vegas is the best place to spend our one week vacation. My husband has been there a few times and he has told me about the awesome experiences he had there. I guess he and some friends stayed awake for two straight days at the blackjack table. I cannot imagine doing that for even an hour let alone two days. My husband told me though that there is so much to see and do not just the casino's but attractions for Kids and those who don't care to gamble. Since we are not sure of what things to do in Las Vegas I went online to look for some stuff to do while we are in Las Vegas. I found a new website from Trusted Tours & Attractions and we have found so much stuff to do that we have to decide what we are not going to do. There is some awesome sightseeing tours which I never thought to do when I am in Vegas. The best of all is they offers discounted tickets not only in Vegas but in 23 cities across America. You have to check out Trusted Tours & Attractions today. If you sign up for the Trusted Tours & Attractions newsletter today you are entered into a chance to win a hand held GPS.

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