Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh My Best Friend, Missing you!

Sometimes it feels good to reminisce our memories together. I cannot get enough to always look at all our pictures together. The pictures below taken on December 25, 2006. This is how we celebrated our Christmas. She came over to our apartment and there we had so much fun. We exchanged gifts, cooked and ate together with my former boss he was our photographer at that time. I still remember all the foods we both cooked. We had some ham, refrigerator rolls, bihon, peas, shrimp, meat, crabs and cookies for dessert. That was so much food for 3 people. At the end of that day we're all full and my best friend bid good bye to went home. That was the last fun we had together and t'was a saddest day of our lives because the next day after I left Singapore. It so hard to say good bye to someone you love as a friend and considered like a sister. I guess I will end up for now coz I am so emotional when I think about my best friend whom I left in Singapore a year ago-:(. I am trying to face the facts that both our lives has been separated by God and that was his plans for our friendship. Just wanna share a few glance of ours:

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