Sunday, April 20, 2008

My New Look-:)

Lately, the weather has been crazy hot and warm. My very long hair bothered me a lot for the last few weeks so yesterday I decided to go to the SALON. I have not been to the salon for a long time because I was waiting till I go back home in September to get my hair done there. The first time I went to the salon here I was frustrated I didn't get what I wanted for my hair. Since then, I didn't go back anymore. I was really disappointed not to mention how expensive it was with a hair cut, color etc.. then they're not do their job. It was just bad!
I keep complaining to my Babe Dako lately that I really need to do my hair done, but I have to wait till when I go back home because I want to do it in Philippines rather than here in the US, to my stubbornness I cannot wait in September because I feel like I am dying. My hair needed to be done sooo bad. I walked around in JCPENNY, ValleyMAll, Sears, Macy's yesterday. It has a salon there that caught my attention I try to inquired inside and I was amazed with the nice and friendly staff they had, so I made up my mind that I had better try them, and get my hair cut, full highlights, relaxing and facial waxing. They cut my hair last night, today I needed to go back for my highlights and facial waxing in 2 weeks time from now I have another appointment for my hair relaxing.
I am so happy with the outcome today because I got what I wanted for my hair looks. I like the staff too they were so friendly. I guess even its so expensive however, it worth it because I really like my spring/summer look-:) Btw, its my first time to gave a big amount of tip lol..
Do you like my new look?


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