Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Breakfast Alone!

This is my breakfast this morning. I thought its a good breakfast to start the day. I loved to eat sausage I even like more when I cooked them burned lol. I love my foods well done! Scrambled egg is one of my fav to eat on breakfast. I added some chopped green onion. Over all, I loved it. I ate by myself coz I am home alone today-:) I ate this with a half bowl of rice, below is a very sweet mango I bought from fil store last week end. It was so good hmmm...


  1. Oh my God! Alone? You can eat that much sis? ha ha ha Just kidding u...but im serious. lol

  2. heheh sis OO, pero wala naku nahurot oi naa left over hehe.. waaaa


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