Friday, April 25, 2008

Just a thought to Thank GOD!

In my every day undertakings I always thank about GOD how great is HE for giving me the gift of life and great Husband who loved me so much. I always thank about his kindness and goodness to my family particularly to myself. The innumerable blessings he has given me for the past years has been amazingly fruitful, in the sense that, I was able to help so many lives. I just can't think of nowhere I am now without God who is always there keep his promise and make it happens.
There are times I maybe faithless unto HIM but He remains faithful to me. He answered my prayers, make all my wishes happens, gives me strong spirit and faith. I have to admit, I possess sin nature because of the inevitable nature of the world but GOD is always right there, HE remains faithful.
My life's in the past have been miserable by experiencing so many difficulties and hardships. However, with God's graces and the amazing works of GOD in my life that HE made my life more meaningful and completely turned out into a fantastic and better way of life, can't thank HIM enough. Moreover, with the countless blessings he showered upon us! I have to testify the experienced I had in learning HIS words, knowing and serving GOD is precious!
HIS faithfulness is the assurance that WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Goodnight everyone!

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