Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Got Sick?

My Babe Dako got sick since last night. He has a fever and feels so weak all in a sudden. But he's getting a lil bit better tonight. Yesterday after work, we worked out very hard even were so tired all day. Were running on a treadmill at least an hour burned hundreds of calories and lifted weights. I was completely exhausted when we got home I know he felt the same way. I am worried about him when I knew this morning he was very sick last night I didn't knew because I sounded asleep, sleeping like a rock! I thought it has something to do the things we did yesterday but, he told me might got some virus (not sure what kind of virus he's talking about-:)) last week end from the back porch of his parents house because were there all day spent time together. The weather was very nice and warm. Might as well the sudden change of weather who knows! I pray when he gets up tomorrow he feels so much better.
My Babe Dako, get well soon Love You Very Much!
Pssst.... Goodnight everyone. Off to bed now!

1 comment:

  1. sis yakap-sule lang yan! hope he'll get well soon kay lisud bya magsakit oi. maka worry! ma-luoy ka tan-aw kay helpless kaau. make some soup


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