Friday, April 11, 2008

Gift for my Best Friend

Lately, I've been so worried about my best friend's situation in Singapore. Her employer moved to Canada so she needs to find another employer. I was so happy to hear the good news from her a week ago that she found a new employer who is so kind and very concerned about her. When I met her in Singapore( remember my previous post about her) she already had with the same employer for few years which was happened to be a Filipino couple from Davao. I never thought they could changed their mind to moved from Singapore to Canada but, everything happens for a reason which is very hard for my best friend to start over and adjust to the new boss she has now. I know she has been so emotional in her text to me few days ago but, I am trying my best to gave her a moral support even were apart, a friendly advice as much as I can because I can't do nothing about it we were apart. At least I was able to ease her emotionally, physically and spiritually. I told her, you must admit the fact that everything in this world is not permanent, some things will vanish, people comes and goes because everything in this world is controlled and lies in the hands of GOD, we all have the present and the future which is unpredictable.
On April 15 will be her 29th Birthday, I thought this piece of jewelry will enlighten her day and she will be very happy when she receives it. I also thought this is the perfect gift for her since I never give her any diamond or gold jewelry before. It is a diamond 18K gold necklace. I know its a bit expensive but it worth it to give my best friend a surprise gift. She's my best friend whom I can trust with. I found a true feelings in her, the kindness and sincerity she rendered to our friendship brought so many memories in me. I missed you so much best friend I really do!

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  1. unta gidala sa amo ang imong bfrnd sa canada oi.unta ok lang cia didto Spore now.


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