Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feed Me Up!

I have been tagged by LIRA.
Thank you sis for this tag.

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    1. Kenneth - A Stellar Life
    2. filipinolifeabroad
    3. Tina
    4. Dabawenyang Iska
    5. Bestfriend's blog
    6. PinayLoveStories
    7. Allen's wifey
    8. allen's darling
    9. allen's sweetheart
    10. filipinolifeabroad
    11. Sweet temptation
    12. In the life of..Mine
    13. Mommy Joy of two
    14. Pinay Mommy Online
    15. Pinay Mommy's DigiScrap
    16. Online Biz and Resources
    17. DeCaFFeiNaTeD
    18. BaReFooTeD Me
    19. A Mother's Journal
    20. Asawa's Love Book
    21. Simple Life, Simply Me
    22. Pinaymama's Diary
    23. Tasteful Voyage
    24. A mom's note
    25. Dezz Spices in Life
    Now, I would like to feed up Lara, Yums, Naomi, Charmaine and Gerthy

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