Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Every Night Work Out

I am happy we finally signed up to Young Man Christians Association (YMCA) Fitness here in Hagerstown . For the last two nights Babe Dako and I have gone to the YMCA to work out. We started out with short work out and we are planning in few weeks to spend like at least one hour there every weekday. First we run on the treadmill. Yesterday I burned 100 calories on the treadmill and today I burned 150 calories. It was almost 20 minutes of running. Then my Babe Dako showed me how to lift weights. I have trouble doing sit-ups. I can barely do one sit-up. I know if I keep working at it in a few weeks I will be able to do a lot of them. There are some fitness classes there like Yoga, Aerobics, FAB ABS, ZUMBA, Cross Training and a lot more but we have not joined any of them yet. I am sure we will try one of them soon we just need to check out our fitness schedule which is the hard part. It is just nice to get started working out at the gym. I am so excited to be more skinny and learn one from their fitness class. However, it does takes hard work, self discipline and determination to work out my butt off in the gym! Hayss buhay!

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