Friday, April 18, 2008

Cops Pulled Me Over

When I headed home today I was pulled over by the cops. I drove from the Ramp to the Interstate . I yield because I saw the cops coming in a bit far from where I was so I pulled out to get in the Interstate . I knew the cops was behind me so I made sure I was not over speeding. After few minutes I've noticed the red and blue lights flashing in my rear-view mirror. I was wondering why the heck they're flashing their lights on. Oh my Goshh! I didn't knew I am being pulled over. So I got over to the right side of the road just stay inside my car waited for him to come to my car. I opened the car door greeted him good morning. He said, I stopped you because the man behind you he has to pushed his breaks on. I didn't say anything, I told myself he was behind me I didn't think I committed any violation because I was just driving on the speed limit never over speeding or something. Is it possible cops pulled you over for no reason? Weird!!! He asked my driver's license and vehicle registration. I gave him! he then asked me again: Are you going to work Ma'am? I answered, No Sir I'm heading home.

After he got my license and car registration he said, one moment please relax I'll get back to you. He sat in the cop car with the lights flashing for what seems like an eternity! It's actually only a few minutes before he came back to me. While waiting, I called my Babe Dako told him that cop pulled me over first thing I've heard he says WHAT? heh.. when I started talking he laughs and laughs at me over the phone. The cop came back I have to hung up the phone and called him back.

When the cop returned my license and registration he told me, I didn't give you a ticket just a warning. What a Relief! I took the traffic warning violation paper and said Thank you Very Much Sir.. He even says you're welcome! That's it... then drove on my way home.

Honestly, I never thought I made any traffic violation I guess he just made up some crap about me that I failed to grant right of way. Since I started driving it was my first time I've been pulled over that freak me out! lol..I didn't know what's gonna happens and what I'm gonna do heh.. In few minutes I will run some errands when I think about what happened to me this morning scares me! Hmmm.. I guess I have to move on, forget about the warning! I just have to be careful lesson learned!


  1. I knew how you feel girl, it happened that to me before. I got fulled over and actually got a ticket for speeding! the limit was 30 and I did 35,I wasn`t paying attention, and was really surprise when the cops lights car turn on. I was so scared and freaking out. I was on my way to work that day and when I got there in the parking garage I just sat in my car and was crying really hard. hehehe anyway it was long over so better not to think about!

  2. good for u kay warning lang,, hehehe careful na lang next time!

  3. hehehe..patay sis. maau na lng way ka tagaan og tiket. bitaw naa man uban nga pulis nga but-an. pras sa akong bana, wa daun sa hatag og tiket pag gamay ra nga offense of but-an ang tawo nga nakasala.

  4. hala sis, naka first time jud ka sa traffic police. nacute-tan lang to sa imo sis mao na gi pulled over ka, unya usyosero guro to kay pagkakita nga asian. Uban police tuyuon na nila pulled over labi pa kay foreigner just to check if dili illegal alien


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