Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheap Phone Cards at Phone Cards Avenue

You won't believe the new prepaid phone card website I just found, Phone Cards Avenue. When you are like me from another country from the other side of the world the only way to stay in touch with family is talking on the phone. You can chat online and send some text messages but there is no substitute for actually calling and like my Mama she is only wants to talk on the phone not try and type. The problem is usually I have huge, huge phone bills every month. Even though my phone company rates are not so bad they cannot compare to the rates at Phone Cards Avenue. Best of all they are online phone cards so can buy them online and use them almost instantly. So when I call Mama and Papa in the Philippines it will only cost me 4.9 ¢/min. I can talk to all my nieces and nephews at the same time and still save money over my old phone bills. Believe me when I say my nieces and nephews are all talkative so they like to talk and talk to me. Luckily I found Phone Cards Avenue so I can listen to them for hours with their online phone cards. They have cards for almost any country. The card is delivered to you almost instantaneously over the internet. They have a 3% cash back discount along with live support makes this a no-brainer. They have many cards to choose from and they are pre-sorted for the country you want to call and the kind of card most suited for you. Their cards have the highest voice quality and the best savings. If you go to Phone Cards Avenue right now you can start the savings with instant delivery. If you have a problem then have live support chat to help you figure out and fix any problems you might have with their phone cards, but in my experience their really has not been any problems because they are so easy to use. Go to today and see how cheap you can call to your loved ones.

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