Monday, April 21, 2008

Babe Dako's Rolls

I just wanted everybody knows that my Babe Dako is a better cook, and good cleaner than me-:) I was in the salon all afternoon yesterday, when I got home everything looks perfect! The house was so cleaned, he even cleaned the stove for me and the kitchen, the laundry was all done, dinner was ready, a grilled pork chops, sweet potato and chicken. He made this rolls for dessert. I was just sitting pretty last night because my Babe Dako did everything. I must say I am the most lucky woman alive! My babe Dako helped me a lot in doing the house chores. We usually do all things together which I liked the most about him-:)
I told him last night, you might clean everything so that I will not be in a bad mood when I get home hehe..Honestly, he's a better cook. I love to eat his cooking. Sometimes I'm tired cooking, he cooks our meal and I will just stand up for an assistant..

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