Saturday, March 22, 2008

Words to Ponder on Easter

I remember when I was still in the Philippines most people celebrate Holy Week or SEMANA SANTA. People there considered as the biggest celebration of religious festivals especially to Roman Catholic religion. I am a protestant but we celebrate easter too however, just don't have many rituals involved. Well, on easter I thought of sharing some words of God I've learned during our bible doctrine session recently. It was all about authority orientation for man and woman to all generations of the church age. During the church age, authority orientation establishes the norms and standards of absolute truth. It was said, there is a universal change of command in this world. God, Christ, Man, Woman and the authority orientation therefore, the principle of authority and authority orientation exist as a part of the plan of GOD for us Christians. All believers are subjected to the authority of Christ, the thinking and orientation God Pioneered, the mind of Christ that is were we learn authority orientation, there is something bigger in this life than us. The woman is subject to the authority of the man especially husband to wife and the pastor in the church, that means that the man must initiate leadership. The man must initiate leadership while submitting to the bible doctrine and spiritual growths.
As we grow, we learn the traits of leadership, maturity, flexibility, endurance, decisiveness, poise, justice, assertiveness, compassion, humility and sense of humor. The woman like myself must respond to that leadership as well as to bible doctrine. Women are the total responder.
The bottom line is that men are the total authority in the home that authority can be abused and is as bad as not being the leader. They exercise that leadership through loving, enduring and patient leadership. The opposite of response is reaction, women is going to react at some time on another. Being said, we both have equality privilege and equal opportunity in the spiritual life those roles are enhanced when we grow in the spiritual life.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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