Sunday, March 09, 2008

What A Day

I shopped alone today while my Babe Dako just stayed home relaxing and watching basketball. I bought some stuff for our house in the Philippines. I thought it would be a good idea to gradually shop for some stuff we bring when we go back home in September. I know it is still 6 months away but I would rather picked some stuff I saw on the store while I shopped around. As soon I stepped inside the store I went straight to curtains section, in my previous post I already shopped some curtains/table cloth for our house here in the US so just a thought in my mind today to buy some windows and doors curtain for our house in the Philippines too. I was going nuts kept thinking how many windows and doors we had there lol. While I kept looking for the best quality curtains that would be match for the paint colors and look nice for our house in the Philippines I left my cart unattended. Besides me, there were 2 girls and 1 guy who are also looking for curtains. I glanced at them once in while because they were too noisy. Damn! when I supposed to put some curtains that I already picked I've noticed my curtain rod was gone I saw those 3 damn stupid people who run on the other side not knowing they just took the curtain rod from my cart. Can't believe it! There were some people who are just so stupid! I was so mad I tried to looked around but I didn't find them anymore. I saw the girl associates and told her what was happened she just says sorry! I told her, I can't believe there were crazy people here who are so stupid! I believe they intended to do it because I saw them running and just disappeared. Mind you, that was the last pieces of curtain rod the store had that is why those stupid people they just took it away from my cart because they didn't see any of those kinds. I was very thankful I didn't leave my purse in the cart which I usually did when I just grab something quick then leave my purse. They might as well have taken my purse IF I had left it! Oh boy! I will be crying all day if it happens.

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