Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shopping and Home made Pizza

Hello all, how was your week end going? My Babe Dako and I are having a good time this week end. We spend time together, we went grocery shopping and shopped some stuff for the house. I've been thinking lately to buy some new table cloth and curtain so today I finally bought some.

While were there in the grocery store we've been talking about what would be our dinner for tonight I feel like I've been tired eating outside all the time I know its not a good idea too to always eat outside so I decided to make our dinner. I've been craving the fruit pizza lately so we decided to have it for dinner tonight. I bought some fruits for my pizza toppings and a pre-made pizza crust I put some raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, small amount of sugar and butter for my toppings. Since my Babe is a big fan of pepperoni pizza, I made some for him too. It was so yummy psstt.. he accidentally spills my diet coke in my lap I am all wet down there lol. When he stands up he dropped the fork and knife too hehe my Babe feels clumsy tonight! Sorry Babe I write it here I cannot keep secret huh!

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