Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reminiscing my " College Graduation Day" on March 25, 2003

Did you ever wonder why are rain clouds dark? Ok, Rain is water. Water is light in color. Rain clouds are full of water. Therefore, rain clouds should be light. Impeccable logic, but wrong! Obviously, there are always particles in the clouds. But when the particles of water are small, they reflect light and are perceived as white. When water particles become large enough to form rain drops, however, they absorb light and appear dark to us below. Heh just reminisced about the day I graduated from college on March 25, 2003. I love science but hated math lol. My Babe Dako is very good and knows so much about Science and Math coz he finished his Masters on that field. Just to reminisced about my college days makes me missed all my friends back in college. When I look back my past, reminds me of my cool but expensive alma matter lol, classmates and amazing teachers who molded me into a responsible human being. Remembering my Barkada's group when I look at my albums pics I had kept for long periods of time nothing compares the memories we've shared. It will be forever treasured. Take a look at the pics I brought with me. T'was during our dance variety show in our English major subject way back in 2003. They were all my classmates and close friends. We used to play bowling with matching beers lol. I'm longing to see them when I go back home in September.

Oh my Gosshh! I look like this 5 years ago-:)

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