Saturday, March 22, 2008


You know I just recently started blogging and I was surprised to make some friends who had similar interest to me also blogging. From these friends I found out about payperpost. Now I chat to other about how much I love to payperpost. I started out just to have fun with my blogging so I could share stuff with family and friends and now I am making money on blogging. Moreover, I can share my life with family who are so far away and get paid real money all at the same time. When I get more practice I am sure I can make more money in shorter periods of time. There is a lot of money to be had. What is really nice I can buy some gifts for my family with the money I earn at payperpost. You can read my previous post and see I got my mother a necklace and my father some sunglasses which I used money I earn at payperpost to pay for.
I also have made some new friends because I found out they were posting from payperpost. We chat with each other to find the best way to maximize the money we can make from payperpost. We also find ourselves chatting about other things going on in our lives. I now have friends from all over the country. My best friends from payperpost are from Texas and Hawaii. Imagine me in Maryland have friends that far away all from payperpost. I started to track were visitors to my site were from and I have visitors to my Blog from all over the world. Even this post I am getting paid for but you know this one is easy to write because I really believe what I am writing because I enjoy payperpost so much. You must try it out. Thank you payperpost community for the best opportunity that I am a part with.

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