Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Vacation to Washington DC

You know the other week we took a vacation to Washington DC. It was absolutely crazy. Even though it was March it was the nicest weather they had seen in the area since last Fall. So it seems like every one came out to see all the sites. We wanted to visit the mall because you can see a lot of historical monuments and the Smithsonian Museums. But we could not find any parking even close. So we drove around for ever looking for parking spot. Finally, we found a public lot under a hotel in Lafayette Square. Even now I am not sure exactly were we were since there were so many levels of the road there and stairs here and there. When we tried to return the doors we left the parking lot from was locked. So we walked around and around the building to find a way in. Finally we found a hotel there and figure out we could get in the parking lot through the hotel. When we finally got to our car and tried to leave we found out they only took cash to pay for the parking. Since I had no cash I had to go back to the hotel to find an ATM to get some cash. Well next time I am going to take a vacation I am going to look for family vacation ideas at Trusted Tours & Attractions. I know we can find a better place to park along with a better organized vacation and see more of Washington DC while we are there. So here is the place to go to find things to do in Washington DC. If you don't like Washington try San Diego where you can visit the San Diego zoo.

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