Sunday, March 02, 2008

Our Sleepless Night

Its 12 AM here my Babe Dako and I are still awake. He had trouble going to sleep. I am writing this post while his was watching Cartoons hehe. He never been stay up so late however, he seems having fun watching TV.
Anyway, I am happy were able to spend time with my in laws tonight. Mum in law invited us to eat dinner with them we had some stir fry marinated beef with rice. I cooked very good white rice which they loved. Honestly, they never been eating rice very often except for me heh. We had a few dessert too some fruits, melted chocolates with strawberries blueberries etc..It was nice spending time with my in laws hopefully tomorrow will be great Sunday will go next door again to watch bible doctrine with them after we might run some errands then just relax and eat all day! Sounds like a good plans isn't it?
Well, its almost dawn here I wish everybody is having a great week end.


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