Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Easter Cards from Cards Direct

For Easter this year I went online to Cards Direct so I could send Photo Cards to all my family and friends. You can see the card in this post. It was pretty cool to share with all the family and friends we have not seen for awhile a picture of Jake that was up to date. At Cards Direct that have a huge selection for all the seasons. I am thinking about what cards I am going to send next. I am thinking that for my birthday I am going to send out cards this year instead of just getting cards from everyone. I think it is better to give than to receive. So this year for my birthday I am going to give everyone a card with my picture on the front. It is nice to be able to personalize cards so easily. It takes just a minute to upload the picture and pick out your card. They save you almost $65 on every order and you can have the cards in no time at all in a week or less. You can add a custom verse and 4 lines of personalization and $14 by shipping ground. You know I always hated going to the store and picking out an impersonal card that had little meaning. Now from my home I can make a card that really means something to me and the loved ones to whom I am sending the cards. I love Cards Direct.

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