Monday, March 03, 2008

The Long Wait is Over.. Got my License Today

Well, today is a very long day for me. After an astonishing long wait, finally today I passed my driving test. As Per Maryland's law before you can get your license it involves exams before you even get your learner's permit, after you have your permit you still have to wait 6 months before you can have the driving test also, they generally required to take a driving class. So many requirements huh! I enrolled in driving class several months ago but only this morning I took the plunged to take my last driving lesson from the driving school I went to since I need to wait for 6 months before I can take my driving test in DMV I prefer to get it in the last minute before I went to DMV compound to take my driving test. So, I had my last driving lesson this morning then, in the afternoon my Babe Dako accompanied me to DMV wow! I am so excited being I only had to take it once then I passed while I heard of some people taking it multiple of times to pass. I've been driving using my learner's permit since I had it 6 months ago, today I feel so free, its so exciting to think I can drive anywhere by myself and not have my Babe Dako in the passenger sit always nagging me, point out direction where I go turn left, turn right whatever!
Now, I can finally have the chance to prove that I can actually drive by myself competently lol! The best part was I used my own car when I do the driving test so I was very comfortable and confident that I could passed it. The officer was very rude, she yelled at me every time she gave an instructions but I was very calm anyway and just determined that I can make it. Yesss I did it! My parallel parking was just a piece of cake lol t'was great! I did it once perfect heh I don't have any doubt that I was well prepared. My gracious! I've been waiting for half a year don't you imagine that?
My special thanks to my Babe Dako for being so supportive to me with out him I can't do all these things that have ever changed my life! Love you Babe ~


  1. congratulations my dear!

    happy driving!

  2. hi sis! congrats ako kahit GC wala pa :( -- anyways, true yun kaya i made my domain private.

  3. Na inana pod akong kapikas day, magyawyaw cge..makalagot lage..Pero congratulations day oi! Ako kha ani noh, unsa khay hitsura..hay ambot lang...

  4. congrats and enjoy ur driving, take carfe dezz!

  5. Hi, Dezz.
    Yeah,too excited to drive, eh?
    Same with me when I first got my driving licence.
    And I got an idea for my blog when reading this post.
    It's here


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