Monday, March 10, 2008

I Feel Pressure

You know I feel pressure to write this blog everyday. Sometimes I just worry too much about what I am going to write. So now I just need to relax and write with out thinking too much. You know if you can relax your mind you can write a lot. The hard part is relaxing to let the words flow out of your head. But sometimes I can do it but other times it is harder to just relax my mind even more when I am tired from work. The funny thing is the harder you try and relax the harder is it to do that and the harder it gets to write these post. So if you ever feel the same way about your posting let me know so that I don't think I am the only one. Thanks for the blogging support from all my brother and sister bloggers out there.

Hope everybody is having a great week.



  1. hi! don't be pressured to blog everyday. not everybody can have a complete thought and post every single day. just relax and take your precious time!

    just want you to know that i do enjoy reading your daily adventures with your dear babe dako!

    ingat lagi!

  2. I do feel the same pressure. Learning things about some tips on how to make the blog better and finding the right keywords which is sometimes not the topic that you want to discuss just make it a lot more difficult to write. But you can copy some articles that interest you as long as its not copyrighted. That is one tip I learned from one of the forums I've been to.

  3. don't worry u are not alone! I do felt the same way for those days that I don't have any post at all. It's kinda hard but girl u can always make it. As for me, I post when I feel like to and I am in the mood, I don't have to pressure myself now. :D


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