Monday, March 31, 2008

High School Life

I have been tagged by Lira.
Thank you for this tagged reminds my past high school life.
Let see if I still remember some of the questions below.
I graduated from high school year 1996-97

~What section were you?
Oh my! I only remember I was in Section 1 on 4th year

~Who were your seatmates?
My best friends in high school. Rachel Lou, Linda Faith, Jean Pauline and May ann

~Still remember your English teacher?
Surely! I liked her Mrs. Bogador

~What was your first class?
I still have to think about this.. HOnestly I can't remember anymore!
I thought English or GMRC

~Made friends to the lower years?
Yup! I forgot their names lol.

~How was your class schedule?
Not sure hehe.. my gosshh I forgot my class schedule!

~Made any enemies?
Never! I was the most quite creature in every subjects.

~Who was your favorite teacher?
Maam Wenceslao PE teacher.. Hmm I learned a lot from her esp my elective class sewing
that was awesome. I can't seem to forget her. I was able to sew my own dress, shorts, tops etc after my elective class.
My second fav teacher was Maam Marie in history. I heard she's in the US right now with her husband.
~What sport did you play?
basketball and volleyball
~Were you a party animal?
oh my! that was my favorite. Went to a fiesta and food trip lol..
~Were you well known in your school?
Maybe-:) but of course, I made a lot of friends.

Never! I was very genius heh.. I always studied my lesson esp if we had quizzes and exams..
~Did you get suspended/expelled?
Nope! I can't even break a glass-:)

~What was your favorite subject?
English, History and PE

~Did you go to the dances?
Oh yah! eheh I loved to dance when I was in high school..

~Where did you go most often during breaks?
library, canteen and walked around to diff class rooms.

~What did you do on the last day of school?
Went home and made a lil party...

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