Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get Paid to Blog at Smorty

It certainly never crossed my mind that blogging might be one of the most edifying parts of my life. When I started my blog I’m not entirely sure that I expected to actually enjoy blogging but once I did I found that I was hooked. I have been utterly and truly amazed that others would want to read anything that I have to write. As I simply continued to write about myself and what was important or interesting to me I’ve gotten comfortable with my blog, with its readership and with those people that I have developed with friendships. I also enjoyed reading other blogs which gave me more confidence to play a bit and expand my horizons I feel as if I have found a good niche in my blogging world. With that being said, I never thought that I could make money and get paid for blogging just to write my opinions. I am talking about smorty you get to write your opinions with links to advertisers sites and they will review your post and pays you. Isn't that amazing you get paid for your time and effort? Smorty is a services that pays bloggers for writing opinions about ads and connect advertisers with bloggers in short, they help you make an extra income from your blogs. If you want to boost your traffic and ranking you can use smorty's services in order to advertise on blogs. Smorty has a fast growing marketing tool to works like blog advertising, advertisers make campaigns with smorty and they offer them to bloggers. With smorty you can register more than one blog and increase your earning potential. Sign up is free when your blog is approved by smorty admin you can start earning some extra bucks. The truth is, you can make money online from home while blogging and you get paid to blog at smorty isn't that cool? I have been amazed at the community that has formed around blog for money and at the extent to which I have become involved in it.

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