Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Forever and Always

Today is a day that my Babe Dako and I met online. It was 2 years ago when our fate brought together and made into reality. Hard to believe time flies quickly. Tomorrow is our 1 year and 8 months being married. Every 25th and 26 of each month is a special day for both of us. I can't seems to not forget these 2 dates because it was the day we've met and got married.
While I'm sitting here, I think about the day how we brought to each other's life. Sharing both our love's dream is life's finest reward. Every day I thank the Lord for the great love we both shared, we cherish each others love and what follows will be. Our love grow stronger everyday as we face our future trials and tribulation in marriage...
Happy Anniversary to my Babe Dako! Loveyouverymuch.

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