Thursday, March 06, 2008

Feeling Discomfort Today

Today is a kind of bad day for me, not feeling really good but I still do some chores around the house and run some errands outside. I have a problem with my left hand swollen since yesterday I do try to keep my arms bent to alleviate the pain but it still hurts. Actually, I have experienced this before it occurred when I wake up in the morning my ankles, neck and arms swelling but I only felt the pain with in an hour and it stopped. Today, I am worried its been two days my hand still swelling I really don't know what's going on I remembered when I woke up in the morning the other day I felt discomfort with my left hand. I told my husband "Babe Dako" about it and he wanted me to see a doctor I told him my doc can't do nothing about it. If I am in the Philippines I could find somebody to do the "HILOT" for me-:) Do you think its something to do when I sleep good at night? You know, when I'm tired I sleep so good at night and didn't bother to moved. Not sure if its my hormones circulating into my blood but I believe its related to circulation and elevation of my blood. Just don't understand the cause of this. Sometimes I would think that its something to do with the temperature? I wish I knew the answer!
Well, today I went to a Filipino Store asked my friend who is the owner if she knows what medicine I'm gonna take or apply on my hand to make the swelling goes down. Have you heard of "SALONPAS" from the Philippines? My friend gave me 1 sheet of that I tried a small piece of patch on my hand now I assumed it does help the swelling goes down. I wish I no longer feel the real discomfort tomorrow-:(

Oppss.. American Idol is On Now! I need to end up here. I wish my fav will be safe tonight you know who she is..

Have a good week everyone.

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  1. oh, i hope you'll feel better soon! maybe you should see a doctor just to make sure. it may even take yours and you hubby's worry away.

    anyways, i just want to thank you over and over again for being with me during my hard times. you just don't know how happy you made me feel knowing i've got good friends who truly cares! now, that's bringing tears to me!

    got to go. thank you again and take care!


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