Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Today, I had great time hunting for eggs with my Babe Dako's nieces and family. I thought its a wonderful way to celebrate my easter here in the US with my new family. Its my second Easter in the US. Last time I didn't even remember what we did on Easter because I was here for only few months, I was still hesitant to get along with my in laws and we were still getting to know each other at that time. However, this year's Easter was wonderful we had very good lunch today. I didn't feel like eating that much due to my stomach being upset since yesterday. I thought I would feel better today because I took some medicine. Even though I did not eat much I really enjoyed it. Anyway, I took a photo of some left overs below (we ate the leftovers for dinner.) We had salmon, green beans, nice bread, ham, mashed potato, gravy, chicken tenders, salad and split pea soup with mint.
It was a very nice Sunday for sure. The weather was nice. It was cool but there was no wind and the sun was bright so it was very comfortable. It was a nice day to hunt for Easter Eggs. After the kids found all the eggs we had some dessert. There was a fruit tart, white chocolate mouse thingy and lemon Jello cake. They had some ice cream in the freezer but we did not eat any because there was too much especially with all the candy that the kids had in their eggs. My Babe Dako stole some Ice Cream that I ate after dinner-:)


  1. Hi friend,happy to know u enjoyed ur Easter Sunday.Happier to know that you acclimatized well in the US and had definitely get along w/ inlaws,for sure.Take care!

  2. My easter was not that enjoy... I was suffering with a skin rashes due to blood toxin, and know what? Dr comments not to eat seafood and EGG!! I have to let go all the lovely Easter Egg... Anyway, glad to hear you enjoy yours!


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