Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Balikbayan Box

After I filled up 4 balikbayan boxes last year. I got another 2 boxes to send home before we go visit in September. Now, that I can drive by myself I can't help to always go shopping anywhere in town. I started filling it up with different stuff that I can think of to put in the box. Here's more stuffed to put in my balikbayan boxes to send home. While shopping at Walmart yesterday, I found a bunch of stuff on sale to send home so I can share with all my neighbors there. They love to get stuff from the US even if it is a simple towel. Also I like to get toys for my nephews and nieces. The problem is I always get too much stuff for the boxes I have. But I really just love to share with them back in Philippines. I have to be careful shopping especially in Walmart I can spend hours and find many good bargains to put in my box-:)


  1. hello sis, pareho jud mo sa akong ate ba, mao ra na perme iyang gika busihan diha, karang mapuno ang box, inig puno na padala na, tapos kuha nasad empty box hehe!

  2. heeh sis Twer, mao jud na akong ginakabuangan now. Worried sad ko kay dili naku ma realized dako na diay kau akng nagastos cg ug puno sa mga boxes na akong ginasend sa pinas, not to mention iba sad ang sa post office na akong ginasend sahay once a month cg ko ug send mga chocolates sa akong parents ug nieces and nephews waaa makapordoy lagi sis hehe BTW, I just damn love to do it. Ambot sis ing ani na jud ko ba hee even when I was in SIngapore super daghan kau akng nasend ug balikbayan boxes no wonder akong sahod ddto sa una wala jud ko naipon hehe wala sad ko kabalo asa niadto sa balikbayan boxes diay hehe. opss perti akong chika..


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