Sunday, February 03, 2008

What is too much? Too Much Foods

Well, after a very bored, tired, sleepy Friday, I pulled it together and had fairly nice week end with my "Babe Dako". We ate lunch in a Buffet Chinese Restaurant in town. The foods was delicious and they offered wonderful selection of Chinese foods yumm...I really love Chinese cooking. Been living on Chinese food when I was working in Singapore, my friend and I used to dine on delicious foods. I had fried rice, egg soup, beef with broccoli, roasted meat, and Chinese noodles. Gesshh since they had plenty of food selections I only tried small amount lol..I thought my Babe does the same, but I've noticed he didn't ate fried rice, he had Chinese spring roll, meat with mushroom and broccoli. I must say, we had very good and very cheap lunch today.

Well, after lunch we planned to go grocery shopping. I actually go grocery shopping alone since were together, my Babe don't have choice he must go with me-:) I knew he hates to go shopping with me because I can shop for many hours, he's tired, bored and keep yawning while following me to every corner of the store heheh. Seriously, I enjoy shopping alone because then I don't have to worry about my Babe Dako getting bored if I'm taking too long to shop-:)

Again, tonight we went out to dinner. Just loved the new orlean seafoods in Ruby Tuesday. As usual, my Babe ordered his favorite Burgers heheh. He convinced me, t'was different taste in Macdo not quite sure but for me it was the same burgers lol..

Hope everybody have a nice week end.

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