Monday, February 25, 2008

Week End Shopping Spree

On Saturday my husband and I ate our breakfast in IHOP (International House of Pancakes). I loved it there they had a lot of selection of foods. I ordered the Steak Omelette. It came with a side of pancakes. It had all different kinds of meats, sausage, bacon, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, green onions, and a side of salsa. I ate the whole thing by myself and that is why I am so big hehe. Well not really I still very small. It was a nice breakfast though, plus I had some orange juice. We did not even eat lunch and we ate dinner very late because we were so full. My Babe Dako ate a chicken and spinach crepe with Hollandaise sauce on top. It was pretty good too. I ate some of both. Overall, we had a very nice breakfast.

After breakfast we went shopping and I got some new shoes. I love them they are comfortable. My favorite thing to shop for is shoes... just like Emelda Marcos hehe but right now I only have about 30 pairs of shoes. I think in time I can get several thousand pairs like my hero Emelda. We shall see-:)

The next day we went to the outlets to find some cookware. We bought two new pans. Here is the porcelain Dutch Oven because I burned all the old pans so they were black-:). Now I have blue one and it is pretty. We will see how long they stay nice.

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  1. I like IHOP. I don't know why but I love breakfast restaurants. I also like their omelette especially when there's lots of cheese in it, and I like it with Hollandaise sauce. Now, i'm hungry..hehe.


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