Monday, February 04, 2008

Quirky Things About me

I have been tagged by Pinay Mommy. Thanks for sharing this to me.

Here goes let me indulge you the 6 quirky things about me-:)

1. I like to drink diet coke every meal rather than water.

2. I am very good at helping others with their lives than helping myself with my own.

3 I am a good cook, I like to put garlic in my cooking but I hate to peel garlic.

4. I like to ask my Babe to sniffed my hair all the time now that it's getting very long.

5. I am obsess shopping clothes for my husband and shoes, jewerly, jeans, tops for myself some of them didn't bother to wear them.

6. I am a"collector" of things like teddy bears, clothes, bags, shoes, cards, jeans, underwear, frames, coins, photos, albums, books, etc. Keep them for many years before I trashed or gave them.

Tagging: Twerlyn, Sheng, Vanezah, Racelyn, Lourdz, liza


  1. hi sis! naa d-i ko tag dre..salamat! sis paki change na sa akong URL to thank u

  2. Dear, I think your buhok smells hamut. Geee, sorry if I misspelled. Love you Gamay.

  3. Thanks Gamay! The tag is up

    Take care and have a nice day sis.


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