Thursday, February 07, 2008


Well, after few months I arrived here in the US I made my first dentist appointment which was happened to be my husband's dentist too. Unfortunately, I didn't like the dentist. Just don't like his attitude of being talkative. He started talking while cleaning my teeth or I just didn't like the way he cleaned my teeth. Over all, I was not satisfied. When we went back home after my dentist appointment, I was crying, very upset because of the poor service I got from them..

Geeesh Six months later, they sent me an appointment letter for another appointment, guess what? I refused to go back hehe and told my husband to find another dentist. Since, its been six months I was anxious to find another dentist I like. On dec. last year we found a new dentist very close to our house and have made my first appointment. So, when I went to my first dentist appointment on dec 2007, It went fine I seems to liked her. First, she examined my teeth, did the exam and do the cleaning. She scheduled me for my next appointment last month (Jan.) t'was just for an x-rays. She have taken a tons of it and and again she examined my teeth and looked at my gums. She found out after the x-rays, I have some kind of infection in my gums and have 2 cavities need to be filled .

So, today I scheduled for another appointment for my gum treatment and deep cleaning ( perio scale & root plane-4 teeth per quad/ scaling and root planing)
Damn! I didn't expect my dentist gonna numbed me up with the gel they used ( not sure what they call it). I was very nervous coz I was alone, my husband just dropped me off and he goes to work, he told me I just call when I'm done.. Gessh I felt like crying my dentist asked me if I am okey I just nodded. I was very nervous when she says I would have to have an injection and put something in my gums I thought to myself OH GOD! thought I was feeling collapsed, I felt really pain. I was bothered because after few minutes I am feeling numbed. Terrible feeling! But, when she started the deep cleaning scaling and root planing I couldn't feel anything. But right now I still feel numbed its horrible! Before I left earlier she says, it takes 2 hours before I will feel better heck its been few hours I'm still feeling numbed-:( My husband is teasing me, he thinks my face and mouth looks funny he said, last time I complained they didn't do much that is why I find a new dentist now I complain because I was numbed! Nowhere to go lol!

Since she did my right teeth today, in 2 weeks I will have my second appointment for the deep cleaning again and it will just about the same procedure. Oh gosshh! I am scared to go back heh.
Anyhow, when all the deep cleaning is done I will have my last appointment for my 2 cavities to be filled. I don't understand if they found cavities in my teeth, I thought I have very nice teeth and never sees a hollow place or hole in it. Well, better to be safe and have a well cleaned teeth.

Finally, I am satisfied, I liked my new dentist, she's very nice and friendly. She does a great job not like to my old dentist heh I would recommend to my Babe Dako to switch to my dentist hehe and leave your old dentist. Honestly, they have very poor service Dear so please make a call to my new dentist for your next teeth cleaning hehe....


  1. I hate dentist too, musta na girl...padaan lang.

  2. I don't know why all your post have a funny font (only symbols)! Can't read a thing!


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