Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Boring Sleepy Day

Been so lazy today I did nothing all day but sitting in front of my pc and took a few hours nap. Actually, I'm not feeling really good you know a girl thing comes again lol. Just love to just sit around, eat some snacks did nothing. I've been thinking what I'm gonna write here coz my life seems so boring today. I didn't find anything to do, the fact is I am just so lazy. Just want to sit in the couch and sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me will work all day. Wish I feel better tomorrow and starts my day with a relax mental attitude. Keep longing that for long time, but seems lately I am in trouble of having it so many things going on my mind, sometimes I am moody, l feel irritated without any reason, I seems to be so hyper later on I feel so alone and sad, missed my family and friends sort of homesickness strikes me on. I'm glad I was able to talked to my Papa tonight asked them how they are doing, Nice to know they're in good health as always, but unfortunately, I was not able to talk to Mama she was not there she might go chismis with the neighborhood lol. So I feel relieved and was able to released some feelings that I kept, a feelings that let them know how I missed them so badly. Dang! just missing my family a lot esp my nieces and nephews. Can't wait to see them in September.
Anyways, seems nothing really special for tonight, I am headed to bed and wish everybody have a good night sleep tonight wake up with big smile tomorrow-:)

Good night Everyone!


  1. hello my dear! good to know your folks back home are all ok.

    hope you don't mind me asking, when are you planning on having a baby? for sure you'll be a great mum!

  2. hee thanks Mummy Sheng for asking, but we dont have plans yet-:) maybe few years from now. will see-:)

  3. elow ate mustah ka na po bumisita lang po parehas tau ate ako din medyo di maganda ang pakiramdam at tinatamad pa lol. Stress ka lang siguro ate need mo lang ng mahabang pahinga pagod lang po yan. Tulog at rest lang po ang katapat nyan ate. By the way blog hope lang po take care always po mhwaaaaaaaa


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