Friday, February 15, 2008

The Mad Face Gamay

I got this tagged from PinaySmile few days ago. Since then, I was browsing my photo folders but didn't find any mad pic of me so I give up looking. Today, Pinaymommy tagging me again oh my! again I was looking each photos in my folders, not to mention thousands of pictures I had in my computer. Finally I found one lol..
This is how I look like when I am mad heh.. Hard to say when I am mad seems the end of the world to me-:) Hard to deal with a small girl when she's mad heh I am speaking to myself lol..
My husband is so happy when he sees me smiling, its a best feeling for him, you can see the glimpse smile inside his face when I am happy not mad, angry etc... hmm mind you, the ugliest shot I had hehh.

Please feel free to post this tag on your blog and show off your mad face wanna see it.


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