Sunday, February 24, 2008

Learning Doctrine

It is a kind of routine every Sunday morning I study bible doctrine with my family here in the US. I have learned lots of things about life which is necessary for us to live further and hold onto while living in this world. I learned about God's plan in my life on how to be a true Christian. I attended church since I was a young girl in the Philippines then when I got here I continue to learn doctrine on a daily basis. I am thankful the Lord's give us the bible to learn and study so we receive our spiritual foods everyday. I have learned that reactions to life is a sign of man's failure the easiest thing to do is if someone wronged you, either allegedly or actually, and you react you are going to be tempted to cut off a doctrine reaction. The result is you get your eyes on man or other people instead of eyes on GOD. Reaction does a very strange thing to all of us, as it removes restraint to our area of weakness in life. As an individual we all have an areas of weakness right? It is a sin nature, tendencies of having a bad habits or sin of preferences. Ordinarily, as I learned doctrine and as an advancing believer, I begin to practice self restraint when I am wronged or hurt I begin to react where I previously were restrained. I've learned that the first thing we do when we remove the self restraint is to justify our reaction, we justify bitterness, the vindictiveness, we justify the bad habits by blaming them on the person who wronged us or hurt us. The fact is while living in this world, Our lives go into a series of failures, all of us have our own area of weakness, it may start with jealousy, temper, self pity which ends up in blind arrogance and desired to strike back.
Truthfully,we are not justified in our wrong doings because we have been wronged, but we have reacted and our reaction has removed in our self restraint.
If we continue to react to other people with or without justification we will eventually destroy our spiritual life and we will gravitate toward areas of weakness.

Lessons I've learned ; You are to love those who despise you, feed those who hates you, reaction is one way you can become a self made loser or its a sign of life's failure.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

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