Friday, February 15, 2008

Lazy Gamay

Damn! I've been extremely lazy today I don't know why maybe its Friday or just slept pretty late last night. I have not done anything yet since I got up this morning. Well, I woke up feeling not so bad I had big smile on my face when my Babe gave me a goodbye kissed. However, been sitting here for few hours didn't do anything. I am trying to push myself to do some sort of cleaning the house, or even do my laundry just to entertained me I just can't do it. Although yesterday had a pretty good day" Valentine's Day" I received big surprises from my Babe ( teddy bears, cards and new car) but here comes another day feeling lazy, fussy, cranky whatever it is! Hayss! just wondering I have this kind of feeling almost all week. I hope tomorrow will be a great week end, I hope!

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