Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm a night owl

Since I started this blog I have in trouble going to bed at time as we usually do. For few days and nights I spent most of my time in front of my computer trying to redo my blog every minute I would get to learned more about editing html. But, really its not good for my health. I never been stay up so late before this blogging thing make me addicted. Yes, I feel like I'm addicted to an internet! Like today, I basically sat around and did nothing, nothing but stay here in front of the computer till midnight! just can't imagine might be something goin' on with me? Oh please tell me hehe.
Well, I wish tomorrow will be a productive week end. Its 2:AM EST I found myself a night owl I'm' staring awake lol...Hope you have a good sleep but you'll probably be in bed hehe.

Happy week end everyone.


  1. ana jud na sis Dezz, binuntagay jud na hehe..ana ko sauna ba.

  2. hi thanks add na rin po kita salamat..girl


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