Friday, February 01, 2008

The Flow of my Thoughts

I am not really sure what to write in my title but I am thinking I just wanna write here what's in my mind for today so I end up with the flow of my thoughts-:)

Well, its rainy Friday here, not feeling so good, feel so sleepy, bored and really kind of tired, don't know if that's because of my PMS week or I have not been exercising for few months now due to the very cold and windy weather.

Actually, me and my Babe Dako" used to go for a run regularly but I quit just can't deal with the very cold temperature outside. Thankfully, he continues to run indoor by using the thread mill every morning right after he wakes up. I know it takes some effort, time management and sacrifice to exercise to be more healthy and live happily but my babe dako was able to handle it despite of being tired from work, not enough sleep at night, wakes up so early etc.. So proud of you Babe. Love you! Don't worry, in time I will go for an exercise with you.

Hmmm truthfully, I never get used to exercising before, just love to take a long walk, strolling with friends etc...that would be consider an exercise right? But the country where I grew up obviously in the Philippines and the country where I worked for 3 years in Singapore didn't exercise there like going to a gym, run on the thread mill etc. but seems I exercised everyday I felt much comfortable and healthy. When I got here that was winter season I only take a walk in the mall when I shop, for few months I stocked in the house I felt like I'm dying. Anywhere I go I took a ride gesssh what I'm gonna do here if I didn't exercise? I will end up an obese Gamay woman? Of course I don't want it to happens. But in fairness, even I didn't exercise I still look skinny. You may ask why? I am a professional sleeper, just eat healthy but rice lol and watched my food intake.

I don't know! Sometimes I feel like I wanna scream, I wanna have some more fresh air. I wanna have someone to talk to in REAL besides my husband. I wanna talk to my family and friends face to face etc..Or just missing them so much???

Always reminds me where my
family lived now, near in Mt. Matutum I loved the fresh air there , nice breeze coming in, close neighbors, surrounded with Dole pineapple plantation and very peaceful place. Hayss just reminiscing my memories there makes me sad. I better end of my thoughts for now or else I will be crying the rest of the day-:(.

Will see you again in my next thoughts for the day!!!

I wish you all have a great week end.

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