Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeling Bad

Yesterday, I decided to get my own domain. To my stubbornness, I never think about the outcome of my blog if I get my own domain and make changes in the templates. Since I am only less than a month into blogging, I don't have any idea what I'm gonna do to make it work. I was very exhausted trying to figured it out how to make it work t'was happened PinaySmile was online in YM so I asked her some help. I really want to thank her for her patients in answering all my queries, however, being stubborn myself I did made it, but I had some things that bugging me. Half of the content in my blog was lost. I took a risk of changing my templates, wanted to have 3 columns but seems all my friends list were gone-:(
I apologize for the outcome of my small world. I am still working on it. I will be back sooner or later. I have to start over adding some of my friends URL.
Here's my own domain URL: or you may just click Dezz
to redirect to my new URL.

To all my friends, please add or edit my URL in your list with my own domain above. I will appreciate if you can leave me a message/link, will gladly add to mine.
Thanks so much!

Will see you all soon..


  1. i know how you feel. i was like that when i bought my own domain name too. even when i wanted to change my template into 3-columns, i lost my entire data on widgets and list. not to mention the lost of technorati authority, google page rank and alexa rankings. anyway, many of your friends here online will be willing to help you...including me. i am just a buzz away. tc!

  2. thank you mummy Rub for being there..
    I have to find a way later how to chat with you in private hehe.. i have pain in the butt now.been sitting here for few hours, seems i never done anything yet. i feel really bad.
    thats okey, i know in time everything will be alright..

    thanks hope to catch you later..

  3. Hi Sis Gamay, Ur always welcome! At least you made it oneday you figured how to change template. For me, its take 2 weeks before I figure it out how to change my template. he he he I know its really hard if you lost everything because I was like that too when I'm trying to change my other blog template. Keep on blogging dont give up.

    Gamay, bummer the Cbox board now is not working again. Hayyyyyy life.

  4. hehe sis Pinay, you're right..I almost give though, last night I feel like crying.. one person here in the house just smiling at me hehe..
    I know I am determined lol...

    thanks a lot ha.

  5. hi sis sure i'll change your URL now, i was luckier when i change my blogspot into a domain, my bestfriend JennyL taught me where to buy domain and because she also experienced all the trouble in setting up domain she posted in her This and That blog a very user-friendly domain setup tutorial that's very easy to follow, believe me sister i did it 20 minutes lang, anyway enjoy na lang having a domain, see you around.

  6. I totally know how you feel. It definitely gets aggravating at times especially when you're trying to figure out something and you don't know what it is. But as long you have the patience, you will get through it. Your blog is looking good, by the way!

  7. you're right into getting a domain na habang 1 month pa lang coz me I got my domain when my blog was already 3 months old and Page Rank3 actually my bestfriend didn't want me to convert it to domain kase sayang daw ang rank, so after na maconvert ko nga down to Page Rank zero ulit blog ko and i waited another 3 months again to qualify, long process 'no, anyway ok lang 'yon, regards!

  8. Hi,
    Sad to hear, I fully understand your feeling, keep it up.
    I will add you.


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