Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol

My Babe Dako and I been watching American idol. We bet Ramiele Malubay will make it far. She really represents the pinay looks, she got the voice and talent. I feel so proud to be Pinay! So proud of her! Hope she will be the next American Idol. I never been this exciting to watch American idol you know when you're favorite is on stage performing you really feel the excitement and proud as she represents our country. I wish her good luck and hope she picks the right song every time she shows up on stage. Can't wait to see her again next week.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Boring Sleepy Day

Been so lazy today I did nothing all day but sitting in front of my pc and took a few hours nap. Actually, I'm not feeling really good you know a girl thing comes again lol. Just love to just sit around, eat some snacks did nothing. I've been thinking what I'm gonna write here coz my life seems so boring today. I didn't find anything to do, the fact is I am just so lazy. Just want to sit in the couch and sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me will work all day. Wish I feel better tomorrow and starts my day with a relax mental attitude. Keep longing that for long time, but seems lately I am in trouble of having it so many things going on my mind, sometimes I am moody, l feel irritated without any reason, I seems to be so hyper later on I feel so alone and sad, missed my family and friends sort of homesickness strikes me on. I'm glad I was able to talked to my Papa tonight asked them how they are doing, Nice to know they're in good health as always, but unfortunately, I was not able to talk to Mama she was not there she might go chismis with the neighborhood lol. So I feel relieved and was able to released some feelings that I kept, a feelings that let them know how I missed them so badly. Dang! just missing my family a lot esp my nieces and nephews. Can't wait to see them in September.
Anyways, seems nothing really special for tonight, I am headed to bed and wish everybody have a good night sleep tonight wake up with big smile tomorrow-:)

Good night Everyone!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reminiscing Our Fate Together

Sitting here reminiscing the day we met and we got married makes my day. Yesterday was the day my Babe Dako and I met online, our fate brought together on August 25, 2005. Today is our 1 1/2 wedding anniversary we got married in Singapore on July 26, 2006 its so wonderful to reminisce the day I got married to the most wonderful man in the world. We've been together for at least a year now My Babe Dako still my heart's desire and soul mate. God made our relationship the way we wanted to be its amazingly work out for both of us. I remember the day I treasure and I say I do to my Babe was actually a very exciting moment for me happiness that comes from my heart was inevitable. That day is forever in my heart, can't say enough how we destined to meet in the internet. If you ask me few years ago if its possible to find your love online I would definitely say No, but after I got married and were together here in the US I would have to say that it is 100% Yes to find your fate on the internet. Our story is one of the very kind couple who truly are in love on first chats and the relationship turned out into reality. I would admit, there is no perfect marriage between couple we had some ups and downs, but I tell you what it makes our relationship stronger each day. The more we close each other, our both love shines everyday, the bonding is always there and we appreciate each other more that's what marriage is all about right? Were holding on with our lives together no matter how strong the typhoon strike unto us, no matter how difficult the trials and problems are, my Babe Dako and I still have so much love for each other, it make us grow stronger, will never apart even in the hard test of time. I wish and pray were always bring joy and happiness into our marriage life together.
Really hard to believe that we've been married for a year and half today. I am still looking forward for many more anniversaries in the years to come.

On the other hand, we celebrated our Anniversary with a very nice dinner in a very elegant Mexican restaurant happened to be one of my favorites restaurant here in Hagerstown. We ate there a lot of times. It was a kind of funny they think I am Gamay Mexican lol. Do I look like Mexican or Spanish?I've been asked by so many people before when I shopped around if I am Mexican or Spanish, heck! they didn't bother to asked me if I am Gamay Filipina. Hmm.. but, anyway we never thought about going out to dinner tonight because my Babe seems so tired but we changed our mind so we end up going out anyway. I am very happy coz every hour today, he greeted me happy anniversary and I can see the glimpsed of his eyes that he's so happy.

Since I am staying at home today and he was in work, we still send each other's emails-:)

Here are some sweet lines from both of us-:)

Just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Today is a day our fate met together, can't thank you enough for always being there for me and most esp. your undying understanding and patients on me.

Love you very much.. Hope and pray we have many more anniversaries to come.. Tomorrow is another special day too, the day we tied the knot so many special days in our lives huh. Well, just to reminisce our past makes my day..
Love you Happy Anniversary.
See you in few mins. Muah

Thanks dear …. Happy Anniversary Babe Gamay. Love you so much you mean the world to me. I am not sure what my life would be without you. Halok ug Gakos

Happy Wedding Anniversary Babe Dako.. I slept very good last night geshh sleepy head-:)
Just want to say Happy wedding anniversary. Love you so much I wish we still have more and more anniversaries to come. I wish I not tired of you in few yrs from now-:_ I wish you will not tired of me too.
Hmmm need to grab some breakfast now im gutom kau love you muah..
HAPPY Anniversary.
Love you,

Happy Wedding Anniversary my Dearest Gamay. Halok ug Gakos. I know that I will never tired of you my dear, you are the sunshine in my life. You are my reason for getting out of bed in the morning, even if you are still sleeping hehehehe. I will love you forever.
Love you happy Anniversary My Gamay

Psstt.. My Babe husband dako is the sweetest man I've ever have in the universe-:)
Love you Babe Dako. Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary

Happy one year and seven month anniversary today. Love you so much Gamay. Halok ug Gakos... From DAKO

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hotel Reservations

Guess what I found an awesome new site for Hotel Reservation. My husband and I were planning to take a trip this fall to the Philippines and possibly stopping over in Singapore. With such a bit trip we need to look for Hotel Discounts. We found the best discounts were at You can find Hotels, Motels, Resorts all over the United States and all over the world. For our trip to go back home with my husband to see my family in the Philippines we found an entire Vacation packages that was very affordable. The hardest part of taking a trip is finding a good hotel at a cheap price. With this site it was a snap. We found a hotel in Manila for less than $70. You can't beat that. They even help you find discount car rentals. If you combine hotel, flight and a car rental you save a bundle. You can even earn up to $100 discount just by using their site. You know what if you don't speak English very well they also have several language options and they can take almost any currency. So when our family comes here to visit us they can still use the same great site and find a cheap Hotel near were we live so that we don't have to put up with them all the time. They have phone numbers you can call any time day or night and talk to a friendly agent. You can call from US, Europe or Asia. It is nice to know if you have a question there is a real person to answer. It is really a worldwide organization that must never sleep. With such good discounts it is hard to figure out how they can maintain all those people. I am glad I found before we booked our vacation because it has saved us so much cash with such wonderful discounts. I love this site and I recommend you check it out.

Week End Shopping Spree

On Saturday my husband and I ate our breakfast in IHOP (International House of Pancakes). I loved it there they had a lot of selection of foods. I ordered the Steak Omelette. It came with a side of pancakes. It had all different kinds of meats, sausage, bacon, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, green onions, and a side of salsa. I ate the whole thing by myself and that is why I am so big hehe. Well not really I still very small. It was a nice breakfast though, plus I had some orange juice. We did not even eat lunch and we ate dinner very late because we were so full. My Babe Dako ate a chicken and spinach crepe with Hollandaise sauce on top. It was pretty good too. I ate some of both. Overall, we had a very nice breakfast.

After breakfast we went shopping and I got some new shoes. I love them they are comfortable. My favorite thing to shop for is shoes... just like Emelda Marcos hehe but right now I only have about 30 pairs of shoes. I think in time I can get several thousand pairs like my hero Emelda. We shall see-:)

The next day we went to the outlets to find some cookware. We bought two new pans. Here is the porcelain Dutch Oven because I burned all the old pans so they were black-:). Now I have blue one and it is pretty. We will see how long they stay nice.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


In my computer world, I never thought there are some legitimate websites on the web who pays when you just talk about their products and services for publicity. My dear blogger friend introduced me this very cool site Blogsvertise . A website that pays just to mention their services and products in your blog. I am very skeptical of this kind of activities I have read on the internet. However, at Blogsvertise I found it very interesting and real. They have large numbers of community who have joined so I am fully convinced the site is legitimate. My friend earned some bucks out of it. If you want to earn some extra while staying at home or during your free time Blogsvertise is right there at your finger tip.

Week End Shopping Spree

On Saturday my husband and I ate our breakfast in IHOP (International House of Pancakes). I loved it there they had a lot of selection of foods.
I ordered the Steak Omelette. It came with a side of pancakes. It had all different kinds of meats, sausage, bacon, tomato, cheese, mushrooms, green onions, and a side of salsa. I ate the whole thing by myself and that is why I am so big hehe. Well not really I still very small. It was a nice breakfast though, plus I had some orange juice. We did not even eat lunch and we ate dinner very late because we were so full. My Babe Dako ate a chicken and spinach crepe with Hollandaise sauce on top. It was pretty good too. I ate some of both. Overall, we had a very nice breakfast.

After breakfast we went shopping and I got some new shoes. I love them they are comfortable. My favorite thing to shop for is shoes... just like Emelda Marcos hehe but right now I only have about 30 pairs of shoes. I think in time I can get several thousand pairs like my hero Emelda. We shall see-:)

The next day we went to the outlets to find some pans. We bought two new pans. Here is the porcelain Dutch Oven because I burned all the old pans so they were black. Now I have blue one and it is pretty. We will see how long they stay nice.

Learning Doctrine

It is a kind of routine every Sunday morning I study bible doctrine with my family here in the US. I have learned lots of things about life which is necessary for us to live further and hold onto while living in this world. I learned about God's plan in my life on how to be a true Christian. I attended church since I was a young girl in the Philippines then when I got here I continue to learn doctrine on a daily basis. I am thankful the Lord's give us the bible to learn and study so we receive our spiritual foods everyday. I have learned that reactions to life is a sign of man's failure the easiest thing to do is if someone wronged you, either allegedly or actually, and you react you are going to be tempted to cut off a doctrine reaction. The result is you get your eyes on man or other people instead of eyes on GOD. Reaction does a very strange thing to all of us, as it removes restraint to our area of weakness in life. As an individual we all have an areas of weakness right? It is a sin nature, tendencies of having a bad habits or sin of preferences. Ordinarily, as I learned doctrine and as an advancing believer, I begin to practice self restraint when I am wronged or hurt I begin to react where I previously were restrained. I've learned that the first thing we do when we remove the self restraint is to justify our reaction, we justify bitterness, the vindictiveness, we justify the bad habits by blaming them on the person who wronged us or hurt us. The fact is while living in this world, Our lives go into a series of failures, all of us have our own area of weakness, it may start with jealousy, temper, self pity which ends up in blind arrogance and desired to strike back.
Truthfully,we are not justified in our wrong doings because we have been wronged, but we have reacted and our reaction has removed in our self restraint.
If we continue to react to other people with or without justification we will eventually destroy our spiritual life and we will gravitate toward areas of weakness.

Lessons I've learned ; You are to love those who despise you, feed those who hates you, reaction is one way you can become a self made loser or its a sign of life's failure.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm a night owl

Since I started this blog I have in trouble going to bed at time as we usually do. For few days and nights I spent most of my time in front of my computer trying to redo my blog every minute I would get to learned more about editing html. But, really its not good for my health. I never been stay up so late before this blogging thing make me addicted. Yes, I feel like I'm addicted to an internet! Like today, I basically sat around and did nothing, nothing but stay here in front of the computer till midnight! just can't imagine might be something goin' on with me? Oh please tell me hehe.
Well, I wish tomorrow will be a productive week end. Its 2:AM EST I found myself a night owl I'm' staring awake lol...Hope you have a good sleep but you'll probably be in bed hehe.

Happy week end everyone.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feeling Bad

Yesterday, I decided to get my own domain. To my stubbornness, I never think about the outcome of my blog if I get my own domain and make changes in the templates. Since I am only less than a month into blogging, I don't have any idea what I'm gonna do to make it work. I was very exhausted trying to figured it out how to make it work t'was happened PinaySmile was online in YM so I asked her some help. I really want to thank her for her patients in answering all my queries, however, being stubborn myself I did made it, but I had some things that bugging me. Half of the content in my blog was lost. I took a risk of changing my templates, wanted to have 3 columns but seems all my friends list were gone-:(
I apologize for the outcome of my small world. I am still working on it. I will be back sooner or later. I have to start over adding some of my friends URL.
Here's my own domain URL: or you may just click Dezz
to redirect to my new URL.

To all my friends, please add or edit my URL in your list with my own domain above. I will appreciate if you can leave me a message/link, will gladly add to mine.
Thanks so much!

Will see you all soon..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Red Color In Me

Had this tagged from MummySheng.
The most gorgeous mum in the world.
Thank you so much, this is cool now I'm gonna show off
my pics wearing red color, happens to be one of
my favorites color hehe...

Here are the rules:

1. Post your photo wearing red, may it be a red top, bottom, the least
would be red accessories if you hate wearing red… If you can’t find one, you
still have an option…. Either post your Significant Other’s photo or your
child’s photo, if you have one. Of course, they should be wearing red.

2. Let us know the reason why you were wearing red that particular day. Was
it your birthday? Is red your fave color or was it the shirt that you first saw
in your closet that day?

3. Tag 3 people close to your heart. By the way, they have to be in your
blogroll. No cheating heart please.

4. Once you’re tagged, please keep it going - just for this month.

Taken on Valentines day year 2005 in Taskashimaya Mall
Singapore. My friends and I wearing red top that day coz
were still looking for a bf that time-:)

Taken in Kabayan Restaurant in Lucky Plaza Singapore.
My favorite top I saw in my closet that day.

Taken on Thanksgiving day 2007.
Just wearing red top that day coz
my Babe Dako says,
I look good in red..

Taken on November 17, 2007 in my "Babe Dako's"
office. T'was cold that day so I decided wearing it.

Taken at home on December 15, 2007.
Leaving to a Fil-AM party
in Hagerstown MD. It was a planned wearing
this dress to a party because t'was x-mas month
and red is one of my fave color.

This pic was taken in Singapore.
I barely remember the month and date but I know it was
3 years ago.-:)

Tagging PinaySmile, Ady and Pinaymommy
Please grab this tag and show off yourself wearing red color.
I will be delighted to see it. ~ Gamay~

Monday, February 18, 2008

Poker Odds

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Best Gift on February 14, 08, "Thanking My Babe"

What's the best gift you received from your husband on Valentine's Day?
Just can't express how happy I was when my husband gave me a new car on Valentine's day. That was the BEST ever gift I received in my entire life. My "Babe Dako" is the best husband in the world to me. I never ask for more he gave me everything I wanted in life. The only gift I have for him is my undying love, MY LOVE THAT WILL LAST FOREVER even in tough times and ups and downs.
My husband meant the world to me I can't stop thanking GOD for giving me such a wonderful husband. I couldn't imagine my life with out him. We have grown so much love with each other.
I just wanna thank HIM for the best gift I've ever received. I know he's an avid reader of my blog. Babe, Love you So much and thanks for everything!

Here's some pics of me and my new best friend.

Blog Award

Another award from PinayMommy
I am grateful for giving me this award.
Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Online Backgammon

I love to play Backgammon. So I was very excited to find that I could play online backgammon.
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Nice Week End

Just wanted to wish everyone a great week end. My Babe Dako and I had pretty week end. Went eating outside today lunch and dinner seems we ate a bunch. I am concerned about our eating habit now seems we can't stop eating when were together on week end lol. All we need to do is eat eat and drink drink hehh.
Hmm.. well, I guess I have nothing much to say for tonight, I think my eyes is starting to passed out lol I feel tired, I know I have tons of things to do tomorrow so time to off to bed now, will see you all tomorrow. I wish everybody have a good night sleep tonight and wake up with a big smile on their face tomorrow..


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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Mad Face Gamay

I got this tagged from PinaySmile few days ago. Since then, I was browsing my photo folders but didn't find any mad pic of me so I give up looking. Today, Pinaymommy tagging me again oh my! again I was looking each photos in my folders, not to mention thousands of pictures I had in my computer. Finally I found one lol..
This is how I look like when I am mad heh.. Hard to say when I am mad seems the end of the world to me-:) Hard to deal with a small girl when she's mad heh I am speaking to myself lol..
My husband is so happy when he sees me smiling, its a best feeling for him, you can see the glimpse smile inside his face when I am happy not mad, angry etc... hmm mind you, the ugliest shot I had hehh.

Please feel free to post this tag on your blog and show off your mad face wanna see it.

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Lazy Gamay

Damn! I've been extremely lazy today I don't know why maybe its Friday or just slept pretty late last night. I have not done anything yet since I got up this morning. Well, I woke up feeling not so bad I had big smile on my face when my Babe gave me a goodbye kissed. However, been sitting here for few hours didn't do anything. I am trying to push myself to do some sort of cleaning the house, or even do my laundry just to entertained me I just can't do it. Although yesterday had a pretty good day" Valentine's Day" I received big surprises from my Babe ( teddy bears, cards and new car) but here comes another day feeling lazy, fussy, cranky whatever it is! Hayss! just wondering I have this kind of feeling almost all week. I hope tomorrow will be a great week end, I hope!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blogger Awards

Grabbed this award from PinayMommy .
The best mom in the world
Thank you so much!

Online Backgammon

Awesome Backgammon site I've found. Best on the internet with a great layout and settings. I play online backgammon at every chance I get. I really think the best part is not have to play alone but you can join backgammon games . There is no place to play backgammon online like Mister Gammon if I am not posting here on my blog you can find me playing must check at Have fun!

Special Message to my "Babe Dako" on Valentine's Day

To my wonderful husband "Babe Dako,"I can't even begin to tell you how much I love You. I love you with all my heart and soul I wish you know that! I could not ask God for any more than he has already given me everything. Every moment I spend with you my heart rejoice and I cherished it most. You are truly a blessing to me, and I am very thankful and blessed to have you as my dearest husband.

Today, I wanna thank you for the best years of my life, for being such an incredible husband to me and for all you do to make our life so great.
I thank you most for the gift today, I can't explain how happy I am. I liked the teddy bears so much esp with the big heart-shape on it-:) Oppss, while writing this we need to open our cards first hehe we have agreed earlier to open them tonight. Above all, thank you so much for the best ever gift I received on Valentine's day, My New Car! Love that color, will post the photo anytime soon. Babe! what more I can say? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Happy Valentine's Day! Babe G.

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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Happy Valentine's day to all my friends and Everyone!
I hope that all your day is filled with LOVE and Peace.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Play Slots

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Awesome Beautiful Blogger

Got this great award from Precious and Lira
Thank you so much!

I wanna give this award to all my co-blogger friends.
Please grab it now. Because you all deserve this and you are
all beautiful blogger in my eyes-:)

Online Billiards

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You Are My Friend

Its so amazing that I have found friends here. A friend whom I called 'true online friends".I am grateful for the wonderful friendship we have made. Hope we all continue to communicate for years to come.

I would like to thank LARA and Myrna for tagging me. You are also my dear friend.

Special thanks to MARLET aka PinaySMILE for teaching me so much. I have learned so many valuable things from you.

I wanna give this tag to all my blogger friends. Please grab it. You are all my friends.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Check Out The Video

Below is a video to our first commercial for the Body Shop New Location. I posted it on YOUTUBE and wanted to try and get as many hits as possible and see how high on the YOUTUBE list we can get it.

So, If you would be so kind please re-post this Video to your blog or pass this on to as many friends and family as possible.

This should start airing on Antietam Cable starting
Feb 13, 2008. I would love to get as many views as possible.

Feel free to embed on blogs or websites.

Thanks for the help.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sexiest Award

Wow, I never knew I have been given this award
on my blogging career the "Sexiest Body Award" lol.
Sounds really interesting!
Every time I check in here it makes my day.
Love to hear from my friends who left messages to my cbox.
I would like to thank MYRNA for tagging me.

I wanna give this Award to my dearest blogger friends who are sexy and cute-:)
Ady, VICY, and Lourdz

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nothing Really Special

Just a normal week end here. Nothing really special. We did our usual Saturday and Sunday errands and since we both didn't have anything planned we went to shop my new car in the MainDealership.
I was looking for the smallest and color blue car . I found one there but, I will be happy if my "BabeDako"will bring it home for me tomorrow hehh. I bet he's going to give me an early Valentine's gift huh! Well, 3 days away will be a Valentine's day so it will be the best gift I've ever have from him.
Hmm.. can't wait to have it.

Thats all for now, nothing really special on tv tonight so I am off to bed early getting ready for another week tomorrow ~~sigh~~.

Have a nice week end everyone.

Compliment Day

Had a nice compliment from sis ADY.
Its my pleasure to received this. Thanks for the compliment.
I am honored that you are taking time reading my blog and you love it. Since you already had this compliment image, I would like you to know that your's is great also I love your blog.

I would like to give this compliment to Sis buntis AKA Pinaysmile Twerlyn, PinayMommy and SHENG.
All your blogs inspired me. I learned and read a lot of things from it.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

What Kind of Blogger I AM?

Got this tag from ADY.

It does speak by itself lol.
I think I am convinced with the

***You Are a Social Blogger!***

Your blog is more of a semi-private affair for your friends.
It's how you keep in touch... sharing stories, jokes, and pics.

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

I wanna pass this to all my co-blogger friends. Pls grab it its cool.
I want to know what kind of blogger you are heh.

How Open Minded Are You?

Grabbed this from SHENG
Heh, when I read the title, I really think I am very open minded lol. I was very excited to answer the quizzes, that was really cool.

You are 92% Open Minded!

You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out!

Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand.

You don't have a judgmental bone in your body, and you're very accepting.

You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself.


I wanna pass this to:
PinaySMile, Ady, VIC, and the rest of my co-bloggers who wanna grab this tag.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Well, after few months I arrived here in the US I made my first dentist appointment which was happened to be my husband's dentist too. Unfortunately, I didn't like the dentist. Just don't like his attitude of being talkative. He started talking while cleaning my teeth or I just didn't like the way he cleaned my teeth. Over all, I was not satisfied. When we went back home after my dentist appointment, I was crying, very upset because of the poor service I got from them..

Geeesh Six months later, they sent me an appointment letter for another appointment, guess what? I refused to go back hehe and told my husband to find another dentist. Since, its been six months I was anxious to find another dentist I like. On dec. last year we found a new dentist very close to our house and have made my first appointment. So, when I went to my first dentist appointment on dec 2007, It went fine I seems to liked her. First, she examined my teeth, did the exam and do the cleaning. She scheduled me for my next appointment last month (Jan.) t'was just for an x-rays. She have taken a tons of it and and again she examined my teeth and looked at my gums. She found out after the x-rays, I have some kind of infection in my gums and have 2 cavities need to be filled .

So, today I scheduled for another appointment for my gum treatment and deep cleaning ( perio scale & root plane-4 teeth per quad/ scaling and root planing)
Damn! I didn't expect my dentist gonna numbed me up with the gel they used ( not sure what they call it). I was very nervous coz I was alone, my husband just dropped me off and he goes to work, he told me I just call when I'm done.. Gessh I felt like crying my dentist asked me if I am okey I just nodded. I was very nervous when she says I would have to have an injection and put something in my gums I thought to myself OH GOD! thought I was feeling collapsed, I felt really pain. I was bothered because after few minutes I am feeling numbed. Terrible feeling! But, when she started the deep cleaning scaling and root planing I couldn't feel anything. But right now I still feel numbed its horrible! Before I left earlier she says, it takes 2 hours before I will feel better heck its been few hours I'm still feeling numbed-:( My husband is teasing me, he thinks my face and mouth looks funny he said, last time I complained they didn't do much that is why I find a new dentist now I complain because I was numbed! Nowhere to go lol!

Since she did my right teeth today, in 2 weeks I will have my second appointment for the deep cleaning again and it will just about the same procedure. Oh gosshh! I am scared to go back heh.
Anyhow, when all the deep cleaning is done I will have my last appointment for my 2 cavities to be filled. I don't understand if they found cavities in my teeth, I thought I have very nice teeth and never sees a hollow place or hole in it. Well, better to be safe and have a well cleaned teeth.

Finally, I am satisfied, I liked my new dentist, she's very nice and friendly. She does a great job not like to my old dentist heh I would recommend to my Babe Dako to switch to my dentist hehe and leave your old dentist. Honestly, they have very poor service Dear so please make a call to my new dentist for your next teeth cleaning hehe....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Will you live to 100 years old?

I was tagged by Lara.
This is fun, I tried the quiz I have 85% chance of living to a 100 years old. Wow! it amazed me hope it will come true -:)

85%Living to 100 Years Old

Fun Quizzes at

I wanna pass this tag to Twerlyn,
Pinay smile, and VICY

Friendly Award

I have been given this award by Janethvicy..
I really appreciate your friendship. Friend is a gift from above that I treasure. I am thankful I got a chance to make my blog and found a new friends who are always there to share their feelings, communicate and give their thoughts.

Pssttt.. I really like this award its a teddy+award my favorite stuff-:)

I wanna give this award to my new friends lourdz,
Ady and Jerlalou

Heart's Award

Heh, a Valentines Award from Pinaysmile. I am honored to received this award since Valentines day is 9 days away hhmm...Lately, we talked about Valentine's day dinner. My Babe Dako asked me what place I wanna eat.. I'm still debating about my favorite restaurant in West Virginia, it is a Thai and Japanese classy Restaurant named KAZU. Just see If we make it there. Sounds like a plan isn't it?
Well, Valentines day for me is very special because I have shared the Great Love with the one I loved.

I would like to give this award to my new found blogger friends VIC, LIZA, SHENG, and ADY.

Advance Happy Heart's Day everyone!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Quirky Things About me

I have been tagged by Pinay Mommy. Thanks for sharing this to me.

Here goes let me indulge you the 6 quirky things about me-:)

1. I like to drink diet coke every meal rather than water.

2. I am very good at helping others with their lives than helping myself with my own.

3 I am a good cook, I like to put garlic in my cooking but I hate to peel garlic.

4. I like to ask my Babe to sniffed my hair all the time now that it's getting very long.

5. I am obsess shopping clothes for my husband and shoes, jewerly, jeans, tops for myself some of them didn't bother to wear them.

6. I am a"collector" of things like teddy bears, clothes, bags, shoes, cards, jeans, underwear, frames, coins, photos, albums, books, etc. Keep them for many years before I trashed or gave them.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

What is too much? Too Much Foods

Well, after a very bored, tired, sleepy Friday, I pulled it together and had fairly nice week end with my "Babe Dako". We ate lunch in a Buffet Chinese Restaurant in town. The foods was delicious and they offered wonderful selection of Chinese foods yumm...I really love Chinese cooking. Been living on Chinese food when I was working in Singapore, my friend and I used to dine on delicious foods. I had fried rice, egg soup, beef with broccoli, roasted meat, and Chinese noodles. Gesshh since they had plenty of food selections I only tried small amount lol..I thought my Babe does the same, but I've noticed he didn't ate fried rice, he had Chinese spring roll, meat with mushroom and broccoli. I must say, we had very good and very cheap lunch today.

Well, after lunch we planned to go grocery shopping. I actually go grocery shopping alone since were together, my Babe don't have choice he must go with me-:) I knew he hates to go shopping with me because I can shop for many hours, he's tired, bored and keep yawning while following me to every corner of the store heheh. Seriously, I enjoy shopping alone because then I don't have to worry about my Babe Dako getting bored if I'm taking too long to shop-:)

Again, tonight we went out to dinner. Just loved the new orlean seafoods in Ruby Tuesday. As usual, my Babe ordered his favorite Burgers heheh. He convinced me, t'was different taste in Macdo not quite sure but for me it was the same burgers lol..

Hope everybody have a nice week end.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Flow of my Thoughts

I am not really sure what to write in my title but I am thinking I just wanna write here what's in my mind for today so I end up with the flow of my thoughts-:)

Well, its rainy Friday here, not feeling so good, feel so sleepy, bored and really kind of tired, don't know if that's because of my PMS week or I have not been exercising for few months now due to the very cold and windy weather.

Actually, me and my Babe Dako" used to go for a run regularly but I quit just can't deal with the very cold temperature outside. Thankfully, he continues to run indoor by using the thread mill every morning right after he wakes up. I know it takes some effort, time management and sacrifice to exercise to be more healthy and live happily but my babe dako was able to handle it despite of being tired from work, not enough sleep at night, wakes up so early etc.. So proud of you Babe. Love you! Don't worry, in time I will go for an exercise with you.

Hmmm truthfully, I never get used to exercising before, just love to take a long walk, strolling with friends etc...that would be consider an exercise right? But the country where I grew up obviously in the Philippines and the country where I worked for 3 years in Singapore didn't exercise there like going to a gym, run on the thread mill etc. but seems I exercised everyday I felt much comfortable and healthy. When I got here that was winter season I only take a walk in the mall when I shop, for few months I stocked in the house I felt like I'm dying. Anywhere I go I took a ride gesssh what I'm gonna do here if I didn't exercise? I will end up an obese Gamay woman? Of course I don't want it to happens. But in fairness, even I didn't exercise I still look skinny. You may ask why? I am a professional sleeper, just eat healthy but rice lol and watched my food intake.

I don't know! Sometimes I feel like I wanna scream, I wanna have some more fresh air. I wanna have someone to talk to in REAL besides my husband. I wanna talk to my family and friends face to face etc..Or just missing them so much???

Always reminds me where my
family lived now, near in Mt. Matutum I loved the fresh air there , nice breeze coming in, close neighbors, surrounded with Dole pineapple plantation and very peaceful place. Hayss just reminiscing my memories there makes me sad. I better end of my thoughts for now or else I will be crying the rest of the day-:(.

Will see you again in my next thoughts for the day!!!

I wish you all have a great week end.